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Salon RPS teaming with Dr. Sketchys Philadelphia for tonight’s #UNBEWEAVABLE live model Dahlia Derrière 😍



Okay guys,

We’re in a bit of financial trouble; our car needs a $500 repair before we go on our road trip to see John’s family (her mother has brain cancer but lives two thousand miles away) and Supernatural DC
The gas alone is expected to cost $400 and we just don’t have that much money

So I am selling Mary.

I love Mary. She was a bitch to paint (painting is not my forte) but I stuck it out because I had wanted her for a long long time.

She’s life-sized and really freaking cool, but she’s not something I need and we’re getting kind of desperate with the travel date coming up so suddenly

[So I listed her on eBay]
Her starting price is kind of high, but it’s less than minimum wage for the amount of hours I put into her alone (not including materials) and, to be honest, if she sold for less I would cry too much for it to be worth it

I urge you to check her out
And, if you’d feel so inclined, I’d appreciate if you could reblog this in case she is exactly what someone out there is looking for

I really want her to go to a good home guys, please spread the word?

Thank you,

I’m overwhelmed with the amount of attention this has received so quickly and I’ve been asked if there was a way to donate without bidding such a large amount

Our paypal is

And I am so incredibly grateful for the amount of support this post is receiving

Thank you, everyone, for your kindness

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Making some rough concepts for my tattoo 😆


Micheline Pitt as Rick Baker’s Bride Of Frankenstein for M∙A∙C

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Mandy’s looking like a total Boss in my Parental Advisory Necklace! Hit up my etsy!

Cute and somewhat excellently creepy etsy store ^^^

Thanks for reposting!!:)
My baby worms! Finally for sale🐛 #labyrinth#ello#maquette#etsy#sculpture#smoothon

ZodiacChic Post:Libra
Mandy’s looking like a total Boss in my Parental Advisory Necklace! Hit up my etsy!

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I would listen to her! I mean she’s got a gun!

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Photos from behind the scene of Freaks and Geeks.

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